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Ten easy Ways to Save Money By Thomas J. Berry

storm747 started this conversation

These ten tips can help you to cut down on general expenses and overcome your financial struggles, I have used meny if not all of them and not that I am rollin in money but I am keeping my head above water in these hard times. I have to say that according to some of the top economist things are not going to get better anytime soon, its up to us a people to start making the changes we need to so we can survive these time and be in shape for when things get better and they will get better.

1. Spend Less on Gas

Driving erratically has a negative impact on fuel economy, because accelerating quickly and braking suddenly uses more gas than would be used when driving conservatively. By accelerating at a moderate pace and braking less often, you can increase gas mileage and spend less on gas. You can also save money on gas by seeking stations with the lowest prices. can help to compare gas prices in your area.Also if you can walk to the store or your kids school or ride a bike then do this. I can not tell you howmuch I have saved on gas by just using the legs that GOD blessed me with to get from point a to point b and oh yes I alsolost about 10 pounds so you get added benefits.

2. Save Money on Your Phone Bill

With cell phones becomming increasingly popular, people are using their landlines less and less. If you find yourself using only your cell phone, you would be wise to cancel your land line and thereby save upwards of $50 a month on phone expenses. And, once you're down to only a cell phone, you can save even more money by finding the cheapest plan that fits your needs. can help you decide which cell phone plan is the best value for you. I know some will save that you need the land line for the internet...wrong.. you can use you cell phone with your desk top to get online and guess what faster

3. Keep Track of Your Spending

By recording exactly how you spend your money for one month, you'll be able to see where all your cash really goes. You may find, for example, that you're throwing away $20 a week on fast food runs. By becoming aware of what you're actually spending, you may be able to cut back on needless expenses. See what spending you can do for yourself instead of paying someone else.

4. Save Spare Change

Instead of leaving it in your purse or wallet where you'll likely spend it, save spare change in a jar. A few cents here or there may not seem like much, but it really does add up. Saving just a dollar a day in change equates to saving $365 in a year!

5.Save Money on Bank Fees

Be sure to sign up with a bank that has free checking. You should never have to pay for your checking account. Also, by withdrawing money only from the ATM machine at your own bank, you'll rack up savings in ATM fees.

6. Use Cash, Not Credit

You're less likely to overspend if you're paying with cash instead of a credit card, because cash obligates you to immediately pay for what you're purchasing. When you're going to the grocery store, for example, you'll be less likely to spend $20 extra on junk food that isn't on your list if you only have a $100 bill to spend.

7. Use Direct Deposit

Have a portion of each paycheck automatically deposited into your savings account. If you never have access to that money, you can't spend it and likely won't even miss it.

8. Eat at Home

Cooking meals at home is far less expensive than eating out every night. For the same price that you'll spend on one night of dining out, you can buy enough food at the grocery to make up to a week's worth of dinners at home. That is not to say that you should eliminate all trips to the restaurant, but cutting out just one or two restaurant meals a week can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

9. Pay All Your Bills on Time, and Pay Credit Card Bills in Full

By paying for all your bills on time, you will eliminate late fees and save up to $30 on each bill. And, if you must have a credit card, pay it off in full each month. Paying only the minimum balance each month costs much more over the long run, as you will pay high amounts of interest.

10. Look for Ways to Save on Income Taxes

You may be able to receive a tax cut that you're not aware of. Make sure you know of tax cuts relating to charity, children, education etc. so you're not paying more in income taxes than you need to be.

Thomas J Berry is an expert affiliate marketer who teaches others how to successfully and effectively use Internet to earn a full time income from home.

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ALL these are very good idea's.I think i will try them.

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